Does Radiusafe save personal data?
No! A number is associated with the device, and only the device manager will have access to the number and to the contact information associated with it.
Is there potential risk with electromagnetic waves?
No! The waves emitted have a low insentiy, in compliance with the law. Radiusafe has undergone tests to ensure safety.
Does Radiusafe vibrate or ring?
It can! Depending on the settings, Radiusafe will vibrate if individuals are too close to each other. With that being said, the vibration mode is completely optional and the default light mode can be used if wanted.
How can you clean Radiusafe?
Radiusafe devices are very easy to clean. We reccomend that they are cleaned with disposable wipes
How do you charge Radiusafe?
Radiusafe has a battery up to 12 hours, so the duration of a work day. It is charged via a USB cable (super-universal).